Bill Church

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President of Crusader Martial Arts

Dojunim Church has been studying the art of Tang Soo since 1992 and teaching since 1994. He is the owner and President of Crusader Martial Arts which is now one of the largest martial arts studio in West Michigan.

Founder Tang Soo Do Kyohoe Kwan

“In October 2008 at the Gospel Martial Arts Union Meeting of the Masters in Indianapolis Indiana, Dojunim Church was granted ‘foundership‘ for a new Korean style called¬†Tang Soo Do Kyohoe Kwan. Translated it is the Church school of Tang Soo Do. Church being a word play of being Christian and my last name. This is worldwide recognition. No one can take this away, copy, or doubt our authority or standing in Tang Soo Do. We have successors and guidance so that Tang Soo Do Kyohoe Kwan will continue through history even after I am gone.

“I have been given the new title of Dojunim ( doe jew neem) which means ‘style founder‘ or “protector of the way“. In Japanese styles it is referred to as Soke (Sokay).¬†While the title of Dojunim is the highest obtainable in the martial arts through title I still must go through the ranking system just like everyone else for other styles.”


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